Our water


There are many different types of natural mineral waters. On the respective label we will find the composition of each water. As to current legislation, the waters are classified according to the minerals they contain and their concentration. This composition depends on the process of subterranean filtering the water has gone through before emerging to the surface.

Fonteide is very well balanced and low in fluor and sodium, and therefore recommended for the preparation of baby food.

Characteristics of Fonteide:

  • Natural mineral water of low mineralisation and thus diuretic.
  • Ideal for all those who have to control the intake of sodium: high blood pressure, heart problems, renal calculi and renal problems in general or fluid retention.
  • Contributes to stabilize the water balance and to prevent dehydration. The equalised composition provides minerals that are essential to the body.
  • Water with a low level of bicarbonate and calcium, slightly alkaline.
  • Soft water due to the low levels of calcium and magnesium.

Analysis (mg/liter)

Lab. Dr. Oliver Rodés - February 2016
Dry residues at 180ºC 137 Calcium 6.5
Bicarbonate 53.6 Magnesium 4.1
Sulphate 4.9 Potassium 9.0
Chloride 19.2 Sodium 21.3
Fluoride 0.2 Silicium 33.5
Conductivity at 20ºC 177 microS.cm-1
Sanitary Register: nº 27.01334/TF


From the very beginning, Fonteide, has been aware of the need to constantly improve its technologies, work processes and infrastructures. The company´s premises include a  laboratory where highly qualified scientists and experts in food safety take charge of controlling meticulously and on a daily basis the whole chain of production, from the emerging water to the bottled product.

We have been implanting an Integrated System of Quality and Food Safety Management.

IFS FOOD version 6 Being aware of our responsibility towards distributors and society in general, Fonteide has committed itself enduringly to comply with the requisites of the IFS versión 6 (International Food Standard).

To this aim we cooperate with the external certified laboratory, Laboratorio Oliver Rodés, a company of good standing nationwide with regards to bottled water and external quality audits concerning the Standards of Food Safety. These audits can be requested annually by authorities, clients or independent organizations.

Fonteide provides maximum quality in all water categories.